How to grow thicker hair-Laser Hair Removal cause the hair to grow thicker

29/01/2014 17:42


Are looking for something about how to grow thicker hair? Have you heard about Laser Hair Removal treatment? Here we give you two scenarios to show that the laser treatment for hair removal can cause the hair to grow back darker and thicker. Please remember that the first one is preventable while the second one is used very rarely, the possibilities of it success are very low.

 The 1st scenario can occur to any individual, even if the most of persons that choose for laser treatments may not be known of this hazard before the treatment. To execute laser treatment for hair removal, the technician will entail you to shear the preferred area one or two day before your appointment. In order to the full potential work of laser treatment, your hair wants to be short as possible, but needs to be visible. Some area that is desired for laser treatment includes the mixture of peach fuzz and dark coarse hair. If we shave this area for preparing laser treatment, the fine hair (peach fuzz) is also shaved. For every shaving, your hairs have tendency to grow back thicker, darker and faster. For every shave, the fine hair also starts to grow darker and thicker upon return. This course of action can make the illusion that the thick hair is starting to grow after your laser treatment.

 The 2nd scenario is a medical condition named “paradoxical hypertrichosis “. After laser treatment, this reaction can be experienced but very rarely. It is still very difficult to find the exact reason for this phenomenon. Some technician states that low intensity in laser treatment can cause this unexpected hair growth or the low level of IPL treatment doesn’t destroy the hair bulb completely that can cause this new hair growth. Others specialists suggest that this reaction may possible for the people with olive or darker skin than the people with lighter skin. refer this site